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The Fifth Market @ Bentonville, AR

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Booth at the Fifth Market, Bentonville, Arkasnas
New extra panel for the display

It was fun yesterday in the fifth market!

I like the overall style that the fifth street studio presenting.

I met great people, all the vendors' displays looked so nice. Although I actually was a little bit nervous since I have more products than bags this time. I spent almost two hours just putting things on display although I have rehearsed how my display is going to be. I was so glad to get the side panel to prevent the wind from blowing away all my stationery. And so lucky to see a partial eclipse yesterday! (Looking forward to next year’s ring of fire on April 8th.)

My cards’ sales were pretty good in terms of the niche of music, everyone who bought it all learned music somehow. Some buy for teachers, their kids, their mom, friends that they play instruments together…etc Side story, I brought my inexpensive outdoor violin, and I accidentally dropped it onto the floor while organizing. So glad it is fine though. In Asian culture, my mom probably yelled at me. In the western culture, people might say it is ok, it is just a violin. And truly our mind is more vulnerable than a violin, isn’t it? Well, is it a good balance? Is it good to act like I CARE and be desperate or is it good to move on and be careful for next time?

Now I am going to prepare for the next HUGE show at War Eagle Fair from Oct 19th to 22nd!!!

It has approx 250 vendors. I have heard there has been a huge crowd during the show every year. I am so looking forward to the show because it is so historical and traditional in Northwest Arkansas.

Handmade bags, uniqueness bags
Booth at the Fifth Market in Bentonville, AR

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