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Holiday Market by Rogers Local Food & Art Market @ Rogers, AR

Handmade Bags, Music souvenirs, Booth at Holiday Market, Rogers Local Food Market
Booth at Holiday Market, Rogers Local Food Market

I feel immense gratitude for being a part of the holiday market hosted by Rogers Local Food and Art Market on November 18th. This marked my 6th craft show showcasing my creations.

As always, I brought along my violin. When there was a lull in the music, I entertained the audience with a variety of tunes and even had a jam session with the guitarist, Kicker, who was also a vendor. Whenever little babies or kids passed by, I delighted them with Disney music and nursery rhymes, capturing their curious gazes as I played the violin.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the attendees. Your attentive listening not only made the experience memorable but also boosted my confidence on this musical journey.

This year, I introduced an entire collection of cards, a project that has been in the works since 2020. Experimenting with various instrument combinations, I am thrilled to witness the successful outcome! I plan to expand these designs into more patterns; this is just the beginning of a series of motifs.

All bags brings me joy to witness the diverse array of bags coming to life with various designs! Adding uniqueness and variety enhances the overall appeal of each creation.

I am committed to continuous creation and fostering greater creativity in my artistic endeavors.

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