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Art on the Bricks @ Rogers, AR

Art on the Bricks at Experimental House @ Rogers, AR
Booth at Experimental House @ Rogers, AR

I have not doing my market since Nov, 2023. I have been focus on hosting a concert in Eureka Springs, AR which I will write a post about it.

Rogers, AR is a amazing place which I felt warmth from business connection, everyone is so nice and helpful.

Thanks to Karen for giving me this opportunity to present my craft. And I had a great feedback!

I do need encouragement to be able keep going... ( I know I need to overcome, but after the discouragement from my past, I am better every years, that's also why I keep doing/making things to help me build my confidence!)

This event happens every second Thursday. Read more about the event

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The Event website

My profile on ART on the BRICKS website

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