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NWA Makers' Market @ Fayetteville, AR

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Booth at NWA Makers' Market
Booth at NWA Makers' Market

Last Sunday’s NWA makers' Market @ Fayetteville, AR was very success! It was very interesting experience that it is in theWashington County Fair. The pavilion I was in obviously had live stock shown there. I love how my booth store front turned out. I talked to people, played music for people and observed people. It was lots of fun for me. I learned what customer liked and share my passion for making bags and fabric design. This is becoming my niche with music and I enjoy it 100%. I had a few sales so it was so worth it! One father chose a bag for his daughter who is going to graduate from high school. Another customer chose one because she liked the useful features (Lots of pockets+Key leash). Another liked the wallet that can be carried crossbody or on its own. Another liked a bright multi-color one. Another like the cork fabric with a divider pocket. There were a couple of people who came back to ask if they can order around Christmas when they have more money. Of course! I will probably keep that very one for her. I love to see how people like my bag so much. And if I don’t sell them they are going to be mine.

Aviva Tu's booth in NWA Makers' Market
My booth in the patio of Washington County Fairground

上個禮拜的市集,算是滿成功的!雖說是在賽馬場裡面,但其實滿有趣的。地方也比上次聖誕節的大,所以這次總算有像樣的門面拉! 一天的經驗,跟大家談談,拉琴給大家,觀察大家喜歡什麼,分享我的熱情。賣了一些袋子,但每個都很值得,一位爸爸走回來挑選一個袋子給女兒的高中畢業禮物,一位喜歡我很多用的包包(很多口袋+鑰匙鏈),一個喜歡背著的長夾可以放護照,手機,信用卡,錢,鑰匙,一個喜歡顏色繽紛,一個喜歡橡木布料。還有人一直跑回來問說能否聖誕節在跟我訂制?說聖誕節比較能買。 反正沒人買就是我的嘿嘿 我喜歡多樣化,目前只有一款是兩個包包,其他幾乎都是只有一個。嘿嘿

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