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My music surface pattern design got the copyright certificate!

Hug my pattern in my studio
Hug my pattern in my studio

My music surface pattern design got the copyright certificate for my collection! Today I want to talk about the story that I started my surface pattern design and why I created this collection of fabric.

In 2019, I graduated from my diploma in performance Violin. I had taught music before and took classes on teaching music but this was the first chance I had to have my own studio. I started the music studio that I always dreamed of. Thanks to a lot of people’s recommendations, especially Charlotte Tsou, in a short period of time, I had quite a few students. I was totally immersed in my teaching studio.

At the end of each lesson I always review what happened in the lessons. College courses don't teach how to observe kids. They have different backgrounds, different personalities, different education, different experiences, different interests and different reactions. Observation is critical because everything matters. It takes time to really know them. In the meantime I need to find what methods are good for them in the long run. I listen to feedback, and review, and re-experiment. Happy learning is my goal, but without the inspiration on their part how can I keep them engaged and motivated? So I started to think about all the things that I had tried as a beginner; percussion instruments in the wind ensemble, upright bass in big band, barista in Starbucks, cashier in Mos burger, drink maker in Tea shop, waitress in Steak house, container truck driving. (Yes, really.) Well, that wasn’t going to engage a 7 year-old.

So I started drawing. All the students like to draw. So that’s where my drawing started. I tell them, “Here is how I draw now, and we will keep practicing and we will see how it goes.” Drawing is just a skill like learning an instrument. What is my inspiration for drawing? I like how flowers look. So I start with a simple doodle and start to draw more. I took as many pictures of flowers as I could, I mean any kinds, even though there were ones I didn’t like.

I created my first set of patterns in 2021 using a combination of two things I really liked, musical instruments and floral, and yes, that is my passion about drawing. So I created my first set collection of surface patterns. Now, how do I make my fabric into products? I posted my patterns into Society 6. No luck because there are too many great artists. So I set my fabric aside, focusing on my teaching.

Then I moved, everything changed. I gave up most of my teaching studio, but pursued my interests in fabric design and made my first set of bags. It motivated me to keep creating. I keep thinking about new ideas and what would be the good combinations of design and good drawings.

Firefly tote bag
The bag that I made out of my pattern.

Bag is made for one of the customers from last week’s show. Pattern by Noodlehead

musician bow tie, french horn bow tie
French Horn bow tie

And…the ties! It is also the request from one of the customers from the show.

Musician necktie, french horn necktie, orchestra necktie
Necktie designed and made by Aviva Tu

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