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Solar Eclipse


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Moonlight before Eclipse

April 7th, 2024 at Auditorium in Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

Welcome to Arkansas, home of the spectacular Ring of Fire event in 2024!


As you plan your visit don't miss the enchanting concert taking place on the night before the grand event. Immerse yourself in a musical journey featuring the timeless sounds of Sound Journey, the collaboration of improv guitar and violin, and the ethereal beauty of a piano solo resonating with the iconic Moonlight Sonata and more. This unique concert promises a magical evening with a carefully curated selection of songs inspired by the celestial dance of the moon and sun.

Join us for a night of harmony and music,

a prelude to the mesmerizing Ring of Fire event.

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Pianist / Violinist / Co-Producer / Designer



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Aviva Tu is a classically trained musician from Taiwan who has been playing both the piano and violin since a young age. Her passion for music led her to attend the Shanghai Music Conservatory from 2002-2009, where she honed her skills and developed a deep appreciation for classical music. She is a double major (piano and violin) graduate from National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan. After completing her studies in Taiwan, Aviva Tu moved to the United States to pursue a Performance Diploma in Violin from 2017-2019 in Chicago. With her extensive training and dedication to both the piano and violin, Aviva Tu is a versatile musician who is equally at home playing both instruments. Her passion for music shines through in every performance and she continues to inspire and delight audiences around the world.

Want to learn with Aviva Tu, check out HERE

Sound Journey

Doug Powell

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Doug and Maya Powell are the owners and operators of Eden’s Light Sanctuary. They offer retreats focused on service in loving humanity, singing devotional songs, and sound journeys. They set the intention to create a space “out of time” where attendees can relax and float in the sound vibration. Our universe and everything in it is made up from vibration. Edgar Cayce said that sound and vibration would be our medicine of the future. Everyone experiences the sound differently. Many people report back a physical or emotional healing; while others describe the journey as slightly hypnotic and traveling to some familiar place within themselves. Doug and Maya converted a Mercedes Sprinter Van into an RV for their COVID project and now travel with over 30 instruments, including gongs, drums, rattles, flutes, chimes, and many unusual pieces. Come join us for a unique experience!


Guitarist / Original Music

Tim Hillwood pro shot.jpg

Tim Hillwood

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Based near Eureka Springs Arkansas, Tim Hillwood is a solo guitarist who is mostly known for original and unique guitar instrumentals. The fingerstyle pieces range from melodic folk, to jazz to new age and other genres that sometimes defy a label. 

These compositions generally come from an intention to uplift and inspire. Tim's guitar playing draws on many influences and fills a room with a wide range of his instrument.

Lead Vocal / Guitarist

Catherine Reed

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Catherine has been playing in Eureka Springs for almost 30 years. She calls it “playing with food” because for the most part she has played background music for eating establishments. She has played over a 1000 weddings in Eureka Springs to date and is still going strong. These days she’s also building a barndominium on a 40 acre wooded hilltop south of town with her wife, Cathy, who she has been with for almost 15 years. Catherine is also owner and engineer of C Squared Ranch Recording Studios in business since 2019.

Her favorite quote of all time:

“Highest and Greatest Good For All”.



Jim Fliss

Jim Fliss is the co-producer and MC of the show. He has no background in either. He thinks of himself as being a story teller and a bit of a fisherman / philosopher though there’s no proof of that either.

Save Your Spot

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Save Your Spot

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In association with Inspiration Point Center for the Arts


What are the differences between the ticket?

The price before 4/7 is $15 online is early bird ticket.  The day of 4/7 is going to be $20 at the door. Children under 12 years old $6.

How can I get the free eclipse glasses?

Order today won't go wrong, or before 4/7. While supply lasts.

More questions?

Don't hesitate contact me

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